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How can I contact you?
Click on the Contact Us button in the main menu
When do I enter my COUPON CODE?
On the Coupon Redemption website, the coupon code is entered during checkout.
Which is better - Self inking (Classix) or Pre-Inked ?
For most stamping needs, a Pre-Inked stamp will work very well, however if you are planning on marking large stacks of papers in a single work session, you would want to get a Classix self inking stamp. The Classix will re-ink itself between each stamping, while the Pre-Inked stamp will work well for a time, however will begin to make a lighter mark after numerous stampings. (The pre-inked stamp has an ink reservoir similar to a sponge, and gravity will re-distribute the ink after the stamps sets idle for awhile).
There are so many different stamps shown – how do I pick which one I need?
When picking the size of the stamp that you will need, consider the number of lines of text that you need to have on the stamp, as well as the size of print that you desire. If you want only one line of text on your stamp, then stamps that have smaller height dimensions are recommended, depending upon the size of the print. The larger the number shown under the heading “SIZE”, the larger the print on your stamp will be.
Can I add more ink to my stamp?
Each stamp comes with a brochure that has re-inking instructions for all of the different stamps available. Please be sure to use the correct ink! Pre-inked re-inking fluid is harmful to self-inking Classix stamps. Do not use postage meter ink or Automatic Numbering Machine ink on any stamp! Replacement pads are available for the Classix self inking stamps.
Do I have to give my credit card number?
Custom Stamp Ordering Kits (Coupons) are paid for at the time of purchase. Shipping charges to send your completed stamp(s) to you from the factory are included in the purchase price.
I need several stamps – Do I have to enter each and every one?
If you need multiple copies of a stamp, you can enter the quantity that you need in the quantity field. You will need a coupon for each stamp at checkout. If you have several different stamps to order, and they all say different things, you can enter each of the stamps and add them to your shopping cart. That will save you time since you will only do the checkout procedure once. The program will tell you how many coupons you need, and will show you the coupons that you have already redeemed as a part of the order. Your stamps should arrive together in one shipment.